How is it born?

Karma Palsang Ling (KPL) (in tibetan: place of everything good and radiant), is born thanks to the vision of Lama Ole and his wish to have in Colombia a place where collective efforts could find a common objective creating conditions to deepen the practice, strengthen bonds of friendship and develop teamwork. As a result of the inspiration and joyous effort of the sangha, this extraordinary place is purchased, endowed with favorable conditions like: easy accessibility, water and electricity availability, and good weather. This is a place located far from the distractions of daily life where people from Colombia and other countries can come together to meditate and experience the powerfield of the Kagyu Lineage and our Lama. 

KPL belongs to the international network of more than 650 lay centers of the Karma Kagyu school, one of the four main lineages of Tibetan Buddhism where the highest teachings of Buddha are practiced, particularly the Diamond Way Transmission. Our center is under the guidance of Karmapa XVII and the direction of Lama Ole Nydahl.

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Vision of Lama Ole

What is purpose of the retreat center?

Probably there is no chance of success in the practice of buddhism without some sort of retreat. The idea behind this is to take away our attention from all the thoughts, experiences and habits which characterize our daily lives. For this reason going to a place where these impressions diminish or even disappear from our focus is an important step in growing conscious about our own mind and practice.

What kind of retreat is useful for western practitioners?

Western buddhist practitioners are not that different from other people, but they are more independent, used to take their own decisions and often better educated than people in other parts of the world. For these practitioners, what is important is to be conscious that there is a purpose in the practice of retreat, to know that there is benefit from dedicating time and effort to take distance from the habitual thoughts and feelings that catch us all the time.


KPL is located at approximately three hours from Bogotá, 10 kilómetros away from the beautiful town of Villa de Leyva in the State of Boyacá, along the road Gachantiva-viejo in the direction towards “Las cascadas de la Periquera” or “Cueva del Indio”. You can go there driving from Bogotá via Tunja or boarding a bus at the main bus station in Bogotá (Terminal de Transportes Salitre). Ask the trusted locals for orientation.

Working togheter

We work organized under the figure of Job Groups integrated by idealist friends from all over the country with diverse abilities. These groups activate to organize national events or develop center projects like: purchase of the land, technical and environmental studies, planning, construction, infrastructure maintenance, fund raising, among others. The organization and management of our centers is based in trust and friendship, which allow us to continue functioning and bringing to the public the teachings given by the Buddha.

Are you interested in helping

The work at the retreat center is a self managed and scalable project developed thanks to voluntary work, surplus and contributions to the sangha.

With work
We invite all interested friends to share their time to work in this project and help us bring a greater benefit to a greater number of people. Everyone interested in participating is welcomed and invited to follow the announcements of work journeys in order to join.

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